An Adventure with Health

I am passionate about health. I believe that we can benefit from looking after our health in the right way. More importantly, we can give this knowledge to our children and help them maintain good health too. Every effort is worth the final effect. We live in the world which makes it necessary to pay more attention to what is in us and around us. Many aspects, including environmental pollutions, also add to the fact that today it is no longer a choice, it is a must to do all we can in order to not only become healthy, but also to maintain the good health. Because everyone of us is different, therefore we all need individual approach to how we do it. Sometimes it is a good way to combine some of the most recent advanced medical technology with holistic approach to medicine. I believe that it is, in a way, going back to the basics of medicine formulated by Hippocrates and using high technology available today.

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Dr. Adam Przygoda, ND

TCM and Orthomolecular Medicine specialist.

The Clinics

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